“At Nemo's nutrition is paramount and the healthy eating habits of the children are something that all the staff take very seriously. The regularly rotating menu is based on healthy, fresh and seasonal produce. The menus change every three weeks and every season.
New menus are tried and tested and 'tweaked' to suit the children's taste before finally making it onto the main menu! The snacks in the
morning and afternoon are fresh and the children enjoy sitting
down together to have their break and snacks.”

Claire Hartwell, Proprietor

Nemos NurseryPres-School Nutrition

The open plan kitchen really forms a central hub to Nemo's. The children not only have breaks and meals in the dining area that overlooks the kitchen but also have their cookery classes there as well. The area is bright and meal times are stress free.

The emphasis is on a relaxing experience over good, healthy and tasty meals. There are three menus that rotate on a three-weekly basis each season and therefore change four times a year – along with various feature meals depending on seasonal produce.

The children also love cooking their own food and are taught how to handle implements, use flour and enjoy the rewards of their efforts through delicacies such as gingerbread men, carrot cake and muffins! 

Nemos NurseryThe lunch menu includes; sweet and sour chicken, tuna, tomato and sweetcorn pasta bake, cottage pie with vegetables (some from Nemo's own vegetable patch!), turkey curry with rice plus the classic sausage, mash and peas. Afternoon snacks include; tortilla wraps with healthy fillings, toasted bagels and dried fruit and malt loaf and French toast. Tempting isn't it?