The Pre-School at Nemo's Nursery is ideal for those children working internally through Nemo's from the Nursery and for those children venturing to school for the first time.
The Pre-School has spaces for between 20-22 children
in each session and there are limited spaces left
in some sessions - do ask for more details.”

Claire Hartwell, Proprietor

Nemos NurseryPre-School

Children enrol into the Pre-School at two years. They can stay in the Pre-School until they are five years old and facilities cater for all ages and development levels

Children arrive throughout the morning from 8.30am and can stay until 5.30pm every weekday. The school is open throughout the year, including all school holidays, (except bank holidays and Christmas).

Nemos NurseryThe children enjoy outings, sports, cookery, visits to the local library, the beach and visits from sports specialists.