“All the Nemo's babies enjoy home prepared and fresh food every day – including their snacks. The menu at Nemo's rotates every three weeks and also
changes at the start of each new season
and of course with preference!”

Claire Hartwell, Proprietor

Nemos NurseryNursery Nutrition

One of the assets of Nemo’s, and one that is repeatedly complimented on by parents is the nutrition. Every day staff prepare fresh meals and snacks, fresh fruit and vegetables for snack time – pureed or blended where necessary and then they enjoy a blended mix of the Pre-School’s menu every day for lunch. And they try their best to cater for allergies and food preferences. For younger babies Nemo's works alongside the home routine, this applies to your chosen feeding routine. In the kitchen the staff will happily blend selected foods to follow the different stages of weaning and dietary requirements. Nemo's uses Annabel Karmel recipes for guidance and it has proven to be the favourite amongst many of the little ones! Staff are always on hand to give direction and advice on nutrition and weaning if needed. In fact Nemo's can provide weaning foods to parents that are all home made on site.

For example:

The lunch menu includes; sweet and sour chicken, tuna, tomato and sweetcorn pasta bake, cottage pie with vegetables (some from Nemo's own vegetable patch!), turkey curry with rice and sausage, mash and peas. Afternoon snacks include; tortilla wraps with healthy fillings, toasted bagels and dried fruit and malt loaf and French toast. Tempting isn't it?