“The Nemo's babies love their creative time – the walls in the Nursery are covered in the babies' masterpieces that they undertake with seasonal subjects in mind along with fun materials including papers and paints. They also enjoy musical fun with instruments that make them very excited
indeed and it can make for a harmonious session
when more than two or three babies join in!”

Claire Hartwell, Proprietor

Nemos NurseryMusic & Art Nursery

It is important for babies to make a start in their artistic and musical development early on, therefore Nemo's art and music are both an intrinsic part of the weekly schedule. Parents love taking home paintings and birthday mementos and hearing about their babies musical achievements.

Arts and Craft is planned into every day and the staff love to display and decorate the babies artwork around the room for all to see.

Group singing time is a highly anticipated activity in the baby room routine.This is a time that all babies and toddlers enjoy a social event and staff may include props, singing and instruments to further extend learning. Staff also provide opportunities for younger children to choose favourite rhymes and songs.

Nemos Nursery

All the art materials are included in the daily rates and Nemo's provides the instruments such as basic drums, bells, keyboards and tambourines.